Getting Your Sexual MOJO Back

So you have been with a loved one for some time and things are stuck in a rut you need to get your mojo back we have some tried and tested Love Ideas to get things happening.

Bring The Mojo

Bring The Mojo


Now we aren’t just talking the old penis pill to get your erection rock hard we are talking something to rebuild the fire.


Little Things To Start With


The first thing to start with is an amazing massage , possibly of a non sexual nature , this will get the blood flowing and the nerves a tingling. For this you can use one of our popular massage oils you know which one we recommend of coarse as we have banged on and on about it. The pjur silicone lube.


The second thing is to be a little naughty try and sneak a quick cuddle in where you can to slowly build up that sexual NEED. If you do it right you can slowly get past your daily pressures and bring your mind to bear on your lover. Nothing ruins a good love making session like letting the days stresses get involved.


Sneaky Naughty Things


Be sneaky try something different sex on a swing (when nobody’s around) or forget to wear underwear or even go and grab yourself a vibrator. Now there’s nothing like a bit of naughtiness and a good old coming together of the minds when you visit one of our awesome shops. That’s right visit your local sex shop as a couple and discuss some of the awesome goodies we have for your pleasure like our newly arrived little touch love it will do the job.

When Is A Massager Not A Massager

The Love Shop has finally discovered a device to successfully answer this question when is a blush massagermassager not a massager. Now to give some substance to this story you will want to know where this question comes from.


Well there has been for years a reasonable separation between a massager for aches and pains and a massager for sex (Vibrator). It was a clear choice between one or the other then came the world famous magic Hitachi wand , which was designed for just therapeutic massage but was soon discovered to create mind numbing orgasms when used in  a sexual way.


Over the years it has died of , we think because it was getting use as a sextoy which was not the reason Hitachi made this device (please correct me If I’m Wrong). Now in Australia this device was never available because of voltage differences so we had to do without.


Now many years latter we have finally received a gift from above some pretty damned smart individuals have taken the OLD Hitachi wand and improved – well we think so.


They have made a device that uses Australian power and also is rechargeable so it can be used without the cord attached. Then having designed this amazing new massager they went one further and added some great attachments , with the trigasm being one of the first to come to mind.


These products are proving an easy sell in store because they tick both boxes its a great addition to your massage and sex toolbox , it is well priced and made of quality materials , as well as passing Australian standards.


So you will do yourself a favour by getting this little toy click here.

Some Great Boobs Have Arrived

Every one seems to think that the love shop is only about sex and sex toys but the truth is we are about adult fun. And by adult fun we basically mean adults being silly and if you must know a little bit sexy. This month we have some amazing fake boobs arrive.


These boobs come as vibrating pillow and blow up aprons , but the theme here is they are bloody hilarious once you put them on. To prove our point we have cut a small clip and used these as the back drop.


Yes its made to the amazing music of phsy , why we thought was that catchy we could actually do better then we thought why don’t we wear some fake boobs and then we fell over laughing about it. No phsy doesn’t know we are doing a funny take of his clip and if he does every find out we hop he laughs. Any way these will be available in our online store before you cand say gandbang style .


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Male Impotence – A Brief Overview

Male impotence is a problem that seriously affects the confidence and self-esteem of men. Impotence is caused by Male Impotencenumerous factors affecting a large number of men. This condition is described as the inability of a man to reproduce. The basis of the treatment that is applied is based on its cause. This sexual problem may be a result also of some diseases and other physiological anomalies. This is the reason why treatments of impotence is important.

There are a lot of causes of male impotence. These reasons can either be physical or psychological. The primary cause of impotence must always be established, checked and taken care of, no matter what its nature is. There is a possibility that the impotence will be permanent if it is not treated with haste. Due to the fact that the man suffering from such condition can’t get or sustain erection, this results to sexual problems and failure to reproduce. Impotence affects not only the health state, but also the male confidence and self-esteem.

Male impotence And Natural Remedies

The good news is that there are now products like medicines which can treat male impotence and these can either herbal cures or allopathic medications. Some examples are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra; these  are the brand names of some commonly prescribed oral impotence drugs. The drugs help relax the muscles in the male sex organ thus making the blood flow increase into the penis throughout the sexual intercourse. Some other remedies include the penile injection, the “vacuum therapy”, hormonal therapy, penile implants, surgery, and laser therapy.

Men should understand that this is a problem that affects many males all around the world regardless of their age and social standing. There are already a lot of successful  impotence treatments through modern science and medicine. A number of men prefer to go through laser treatment knowing that it is one of the most effective method that is efficient and offers faster recuperation too. It is important, however, before starting any treatment to consult a medical expert who will determine the main cause of the problem.

A lot of people know that male impotence can be very demoralizing. One can only be thankful that the Internet is proving useful as a source of vital information for these men.

3 Easy Steps For Couples To Hot It Up

An integral factor when it comes to harmonious relationships of couples is actually sex. There are a lot of factors relating to sex such as sexual abstinence, which usually results in extramarital affairs and heated arguments that results into a break up of a couple. Those who happen to have smooth and long lasting relationships for several years happen to be couples with much better sex lives, as opposed to those who have relationships that aren’t really working well due to a weak sexual relationship that would eventually lead into break up. So prevent things from ending up musty with the following tips to heat up your sex lives.

Couples Sex Tips For Everyday Couples

1. Have some bondage and BDSM play in your sexual activities. It doesn’t have to be necessarily living the alternative lifestyle or even some really hardcore SM stuff, just make things a little more kinky next time by adding up a gag and a collar, and leash; and learn some rope bondage. To experience the height of pleasure during SM play, one should try to make use of sex toys and take things to the next level of ecstasy. Planning ahead with your partner before SM play is a must and this even improves the level of communication and trust, also, safe words are always a must during this type of kinky activities.

2. Make sure to use some sex toys. Sex toys are supposedly for only bachelors and even lonely people is a big misnomer, and for those who already have partners could still make great use of them. Adult sex toys could really help those who have sexual disorders such as those who are already impotent. For those who find themselves not being able to do it together, they are better off using sex toys rather than do it with someone else other than their partner. For those who are not really familiar with the use of these gadgets would definitely experience pleasures never before experienced. Always be creative and experimental in order to fully enjoy them.

 3. Add up some lingerie, role playing, and play some sex games. Wearing lingerie such as a g-string and fishnet stockings really brings out the sexiness and boosts the erotic appeal of a woman. Playing sex games and role playing, on the other hand, could really be fun; adding up some costumes during role playing really enhances the overall mood. Discuss what type of scenario has to be played out. Opening up your fantasies with your partner is the way to make this type of play really effective.

For the best experience, why not practice some SM play while using some sex toys, under a role playing scenario while clad in some lingerie, and even add up some sex games. The ways to achieve a happy sex life are being open, communication and trust, and refrain from being boring by being always experimental and open-minded, and feel passionate about trying out some new things in bed.

Introducing Sex Toys in a Relationship

While most people enjoy the element of sex in a relationship, sex toys in the equation can sometimes be an entirely introducing sex toys in a relationshipdifferent matter. If you’ve just gotten together with your partner and you still don’t have any idea how he or she will react to the presence of a sex toy in your relationship, then be guided accordingly by this set of tips: the best way to introduce a new sex toy.

Introducing Sex Toys in a Relationship The Best Way

The best way to introduce a new sex toy is to feel your way through your partner’s thoughts and opinions. Mention it casually outside the bedroom. For example, tell him or her how you saw this popular sex toy at a local store (say, a vibrator or a masturbator), and how it made you wonder about the possibilities it has to offer. The slightest hint that he or she is uncomfortable about the idea should indicate that perhaps, this is not the best moment for you to introduce a sex toy in a relationship. Mention it again to him or her some other time. However, if he or she lightens up, then the best way to introduce a new sex toy in a relationship is to go over the options you have in stores. After all, the hunt is all part of the fun.

Think About Introducing Sex Toys in a Relationship

If you don’t want to ruin your plans of doing the best way to introduce a new sex toy, then be patient. Rushing your partner into accepting it could only lead to trouble. Explain to him or her how using a sex toy could add a new dimension to your sexual experience, and that its usage is only meant to enhance sexual performance, not as a replacement to real sex.

Once you have come to an agreement, if it’s both your first time to use a sex toy, then the best way to introduce a new sex toy is to start with something small and easy to handle. Also, it should be something that you can use together so that you can also learn together. For example, you can use a small vibrator to massage the more obvious spots in your body down to the most intimate. Also, there are the cock rings that the male partner can use to enhance erection; meanwhile, the bullets on its top can provide more intense clitoral stimulation. Explore the possibilities together.

In sum, the best way to introduce a new sex toy is to have open communication lines. You and your partner should learn to speak up to continuously improve your sexual relationship by Introducing Sex Toys in a Relationship.

How To Get Your Wife To Orgasm

How To Get Your Wife To Orgasm: We recently received the following query , ” I have been happily married for 10 years but have failed to get my wife to the orgasm stage. I need to get her there have tried everything but think sex toys maybe the answer. Can you give me a guide to what is popular and what should I start with first.”

Now lets remember when you read this it was written by a male but the writer has lots of experience with customers and Customer Advice.

Women are a hard sex to master that is for sure. I just happen to have been asked this question a few times so I have a pretty good idea of what can help you give her the big ‘O’ Basically clitoral and G spot stimulation are they keys to giving her an orgasm. To do this you can use both clitoral or gspot stimulation. We like the clitoris to start with because this little bugger is easier to find.

And quiet frankly many women may not even know where the GSPOT is but you can bet your bottom dollar that they know where the clitoris is and without the correct location your wasting your time.

How To Get Your Wife To Orgasm (The Clitoris)

Luckily there are thousands of different toys to stimulate the clitoris.  If clitoral stimulation is what you are interested inHow To Get Your Wife To Orgasm then I would recommend the Bullet Extreme Vibe you then just place the bullet on the clitoris while you perform oral on her. If you wish to be involved more then a vibrating cock ring with a rabbit to stimulate the clitoris is what you are looking for Jelly Rabbit Cock Ring you penetrate as normal but delay when the bunny ears reach and stimulate the clitoris.

If you are looking to stimulate the clit and the G spot at the same time then you need a 16 Function Super Rabbit Vibrator, these stimulate the clitoris using a separate motor and a bunny vibe attached to the shaft of the vibrator, the shaft also has rotating beads in the middle to help stimulate that g spot, but these can be a bit big for some ladies, in which case you want the Mini Dolphin, does just about everything the super vibe does just not as big and daunting.

And finally there is the best couples toy i have ever seen. Its the We Vibe 3 yes we are plugging this bugger again. this vibe is inserted so that one motor is on the outside of the vagina, resting on the clitoris, and the other motor is inside the vagina resting on the g spot, with still plenty of room for you to also insert you penis, giving your partner every form of stimulation possible.

If you put the We Vibe 3 and some La Viva Amazing Orgasm Gel 5g on the clitoris then insert your penis you can’t lose..



The First Time With sex Toys

Without getting infected from dangerous diseases like AIDS, and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) sex toys help you in gaining maximum pleasure that you cannot attain from normal sex. Although sex is a naturally biological need of every living being on this planet, not all males & females get completely satisfied with sex. With the ghost amount of precision, sex toys are instru ments designed to enhance the sexual pleasure of a male or female. Dildos and vagina flashlights, are designed in a natural way to give the real look & feel as if having sex. To help you in better understanding the sex toys and their usage for the first time ever, read the following tips:

Understanding nature of toys– Every sex toy has its own nature. Dildo, and vaginal flashlights are made in a myriad of models, shapes, and sizes. It is better to choose the one most suitable for your pleasure that you can easily handle.

Always wash before usage– Since toys are made of plastic, there are chances of their condemnation using dangerous chemicals. It is advisable to always wash them in warm water with baking soda, or soap to get rid of all chemicals present on their surfaces. This would help you in getting complete peace of mind by using these toys.

Oil up the toys! – Just like motor oil is important for effective functioning of the motor, similarly oiling up the toy is also important to get maximum sexual satisfaction. Use only oil based lubricants so that they don’t stick with in your vagina.

Get sexually warmed up– Getting sexually aroused is very important to get maximum sexual satisfaction. Ladies, do not rush taking the dildo all in without first getting it lubricated to reduce friction. If you don’t do so, you would end up having vaginal disinfection. Moreover, you would have a very painful experience in inserting the dildo.

Do not rush!– Vagina is a sensitive area, and unlike the penis that hardly damages it, if you use sex toys in a roughly manner, you could end up getting your vagina swelled. Do not rush at all. Make sure that the toy is properly lubricated and enjoy it as if you would with your sex partner.

There is no general rule of thumb, when it comes to using vibrating sex toys. The key is to have fun, relax and listen to your body.

Using Sex Toys While Pregnant

Playing with sex toys while pregnant is a concern for most women and unfortunately, they are too shy to ask doctors about the possibility. Using Sex Toys While PregnantThe good news is that using sex toys during pregnancy is not exactly a bad idea. In fact, as long as the couple has been given the go signal to have sex during pregnancy, then this automatically means that sex toys are OK too.

What sex toys while pregnant are allowed?

Unfortunately, not all sex toys can be used by pregnant women. Vibrators are usually the most commonly used and they are perfectly safe during pregnancy. Since vibrators work the same way as a penis does, then there are no adverse effects to the item. Note however that deep penetration – whether using a vibrator or not – should be avoided during the last stages of pregnancy. Other sex toys that may be restrictive should be avoided as much as possible since they can temporarily affect the health of the female. Sexual lubricants may also be used and will not harm the baby. In fact, it might even be helpful since pregnant women often find it hard to self lubricate even when aroused.

When are sex toys while pregnant not allowed?

As already mentioned, using sex toys while pregnant is OK – as long as the doctor approves of sex as a whole. However, women who have had miscarriages in the past or having difficulty with their pregnancy should not be allowed to use them. Bleeding while pregnancy should also be a clear indicator that any kind of penetration is not allowed. In some cases, women carrying twins or triplets should also abstain or at least minimize their sexual encounters.

Safety when Using Sex toys while Pregnant

Note that even if sex toys are allowed even during pregnancy, they should be kept clean and properly sterilized after every use. This is crucial because dirty vibrators may carry bacteria that will eventually affect the child. Couples should never mix orifices when it comes to vibrator play because this increases the risk.

What most people don’t realize is that sex is actually a great way to prepare for childbirth. Women who have been enjoying sexual relations during the gestation of the fetus may have faster and easier births than those who do not. Hence, using sex toys while pregnant may even be advantageous for the mother as long as it is approved by the doctor. Otherwise, abstinence would be the best way to go.

Although We alway recomend visiting Your Doctor.

Home Made Sex Toys

Home made sex toys are a growing niche that even a full on adult sextoy shop has to address from time to time after all there are people out there that are looking for a cheap way to get off and of coarse we would like to try to walk you through some that have worked over the years. There are of coarse some that we would strongly Suggest you stay away from. Two that come to mind we will quickly touch on bellow.

Home made sex toys To Stay Away From.

We have found on the internet some home made sex toys that look worrying and dangerous and we would strongly suggest you stay away from these. It is not necessarily the design as much as the composition for instance there are some wooden sex toys and wood can hold plenty of nasty diseases not to mention splinters. That’s Home Made Sex Toyswhy you will be hard pressed if not completely hamstrung trying to find a wooden commercial design.

The other type of Home made sex toys is fruit and veg , you see this in movies and tv and this as well has a hygiene problem that common sense dictates will only end in disaster even if it starts of nice. I have just recently found a site promoting an electric tooth brush as a sex toy , of coarse this is possible with the type of vibrations that these put out but in reality even uses with a condom for disease protection if the bristles touch any delicate bits the resulting disease could cause quiet a problematic infection.

So What Home Made Sex toys Do We Suggest

Well I am glad you asked there are some home made sex toys that are constantly talked about in forums and online and we have gone out of our way to cover some of them today.

One of the most popular is a strong stream of water from a detachable shower head of strong flow from a tap these are quiet popular with the ladies and does require some experimentation to do the job, but with practise works well. There is of coarse correct use of hands and fingers , but I am not sure if you can classify these as  home made sex toys.

Another popular one we have found online is the back massagers , many of these have strong vibrations that will cause plenty of happy endings but again there is a hygiene issue. As you can see there are only a few that we recommend but really with the cheapest vibrators under 10 dollars then it will cost more in time to make one then buy one and you will get much better results. And of coarse if you do decide to make your own home made sex toys you will need condoms for protection or lubrication for comfort , so do yourself a favour and visit your local online sex shop.

Sites that Recommend home made sex toys seem to be targeting traffic with ads to sell you other products so we highly recommend you have a good think before getting involved with any of their suggestions.

This article on Home Made Sex Toys was written by the amazing staff at The Love shop if you want to use our article please feel free to republish in anyway all we require is a little link back to our website so that we can get credit for our hard work