Be Relieved With Relaxing Lower Back Massage

Lower Back Massage is a tention magnet  just like how the shoulders and upper back tend to gather tension, our lower back can as well get stressed. Bad habits, lower back massageimproper posture, and inadequate physical exercise are among the common reason for lower back pain. Lower back pain is frequently a common complaints of women. Massaging the lower back could alleviate tension on that area. If you don’t know how to apply lower back massage, then follow the instructions written below.

Lower Back Massage Instructions

  • If you are applying a lower back massage, tell the person to lie down on their stomach, and place their hands on the sides. The best place for  the person to lie down is in bed or on the floor.
  • Always see to it that the patient is comfortable with his or her position.
  • Now, start the massage in small circular motions. Massage first the sides of the lower spines going to the sides of the back.
  • Apply deep pressure in the area, and don’t forget to ask the patient if can bear with the pressure, change it.
  • Once you’re done with the procedure above, start with another lower back massage technique. Spread your fingers while massaging in an upward and outward direction. Do it around the spine area, and then to the sides. Repeat this process for minutes.
  • Massage the hard areas of the lower back. To alleviate tension on these areas and improve blood circulation, do circular motions.
  • Massage the lower spine with the heels of your hands. Avoid applying deep pressure. Do this slowly step for at least two minutes.
  • Slowly press the lower spine with your thumbs. Start from top by pressing the lowermost spine area harder. Do this step for five to six time.
  • Last step would be finger tapping the lower back area. Repeat the procedure for couple of times.

Exercise And Lower Back Massage

These were just some of the easy ways to give lower back massage. Always remember, that a back massage can relieve any pressure and tension felt at the back. Doing some strengthening physical exercise can help you maintain your posture. You can perform it anywhere you want whether at home or at the gym. If your want to Know more about Lower Back massage vist The Love Shop.

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