Getting Your Sexual MOJO Back

So you have been with a loved one for some time and things are stuck in a rut you need to get your mojo back we have some tried and tested Love Ideas to get things happening.

Bring The Mojo

Bring The Mojo


Now we aren’t just talking the old penis pill to get your erection rock hard we are talking something to rebuild the fire.


Little Things To Start With


The first thing to start with is an amazing massage , possibly of a non sexual nature , this will get the blood flowing and the nerves a tingling. For this you can use one of our popular massage oils you know which one we recommend of coarse as we have banged on and on about it. The pjur silicone lube.


The second thing is to be a little naughty try and sneak a quick cuddle in where you can to slowly build up that sexual NEED. If you do it right you can slowly get past your daily pressures and bring your mind to bear on your lover. Nothing ruins a good love making session like letting the days stresses get involved.


Sneaky Naughty Things


Be sneaky try something different sex on a swing (when nobody’s around) or forget to wear underwear or even go and grab yourself a vibrator. Now there’s nothing like a bit of naughtiness and a good old coming together of the minds when you visit one of our awesome shops. That’s right visit your local sex shop as a couple and discuss some of the awesome goodies we have for your pleasure like our newly arrived little touch love it will do the job.

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