Sex Toys For Women

Sex toys for women have been a taboo subject but now they are becoming main stream the reason this is happening is Sex Toys For Womenbecause women are now more forward. The purpose of this article is to cover some of the best Sex toys for women around and what we recommend for today’s busy ladies.

Different Sex Toys For Women

There are many different sex toys for women but today we will cover the three most popular designs.

Clitoral Stimulator : these are generally a small bullet type vibrator that has a range of different vibrations that target , the clitoris. Which many experts agree is one of the best way to get women to Orgasm.

Penis  / G’Spot Type Vibe these probably are the biggest selling and most popular of the vibes because these are more like a penis which is always a good starting point when getting into vibrators. The difference between a gspot and std vibe is basically the size of the bend a larger bend help find the Gspot easier.

Combined Sex toys for women this is basically a combination of the two types above and many are known as a rabbit vibe. These are popular because they provide the best of both worlds. Basically provide gspot stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation.

How To Choose  Between Sex Toys For Women

Because of the selection of sex toys available for women we recommend that you asses the position you are in the sex toys cycle yes this is what we call the time line for people that want to introduce sex toys.

For instance if you are a first timer and have never used a sex toys before then you need to start with a bullet vibe or a standard penis shaped vibe (small) . The reason for this is because some of the more complex vibes have an awful lot going on and can be quiet daunting for a first timer.

So to summarize you should if unsure always get advise which you can do via our contact us form or simply calling your local Adult shop.

Sex Toys For Women We Recommend

1.    Bullet Extreme (Clitoral vibe)
2.    Pearly Prick (std Vibe)
3.    Future Tech Rabbit (Combined.)

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