Some Great Boobs Have Arrived

Every one seems to think that the love shop is only about sex and sex toys but the truth is we are about adult fun. And by adult fun we basically mean adults being silly and if you must know a little bit sexy. This month we have some amazing fake boobs arrive.


These boobs come as vibrating pillow and blow up aprons , but the theme here is they are bloody hilarious once you put them on. To prove our point we have cut a small clip and used these as the back drop.


Yes its made to the amazing music of phsy , why we thought was that catchy we could actually do better then we thought why don’t we wear some fake boobs and then we fell over laughing about it. No phsy doesn’t know we are doing a funny take of his clip and if he does every find out we hop he laughs. Any way these will be available in our online store before you cand say gandbang style .


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