When Is A Massager Not A Massager

The Love Shop has finally discovered a device to successfully answer this question when is a blush massagermassager not a massager. Now to give some substance to this story you will want to know where this question comes from.


Well there has been for years a reasonable separation between a massager for aches and pains and a massager for sex (Vibrator). It was a clear choice between one or the other then came the world famous magic Hitachi wand , which was designed for just therapeutic massage but was soon discovered to create mind numbing orgasms when used inĀ  a sexual way.


Over the years it has died of , we think because it was getting use as a sextoy which was not the reason Hitachi made this device (please correct me If I’m Wrong). Now in Australia this device was never available because of voltage differences so we had to do without.


Now many years latter we have finally received a gift from above some pretty damned smart individuals have taken the OLD Hitachi wand and improved – well we think so.


They have made a device that uses Australian power and also is rechargeable so it can be used without the cord attached. Then having designed this amazing new massager they went one further and added some great attachments , with the trigasm being one of the first to come to mind.


These products are proving an easy sell in store because they tick both boxes its a great addition to your massage and sex toolbox , it is well priced and made of quality materials , as well as passing Australian standards.


So you will do yourself a favour by getting this little toy click here.

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